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ESR15 – Translating adhesin-ligand interaction towards existing diagnostic platforms

bioMérieux (France)
BioMérieux designs, manufactures and markets systems, technologies and diagnostic tests to allow the detection and identification of pathogenic agents responsible for infectious disease. The aim of the project is to use biochemical, biophysical and molecular methods, next generation sequencing and MALDI TOF mass spectrometry as read out systems for the detection of microbial adhesion. Using synthetic or immobilized ligands and receptors, innovative diagnostic detection assays will be developed. Binding inhibition studies using antibodies will be used to prove the specificity of ligand receptor interaction and to quantify the stability of binding. The effect of ligand-receptor interactions on the metabolomics state of microbial cells will be explored. In addition, the interactions that will be defined as the more stable ones will be used for enrichment of microbes directly from (mock) clinical specimens. The aim of this project is to improve upon the current diagnosis and allow better prediction of patient outcome. This will permit physicians to adapt and/or select the appropriate treatment. The project will use modern analytical-immunological technologies and new “omics” technologies will be integrated as possible read-out systems as well.

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