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Prof. Volkhard Kempf

Volkhard Kempf is a Professor in Medical Microbiology and Infection Control at the University of Frankfurt. His research interests are focussed on bacterial adhesion (with a special emphasis on Bartonella spp.) and bacterial pathogenicity (e.g., oxygen-dependent host-cell modulation). His work led to the identification of BadA as a member of the trimeric autotransporter adhesins and the general role of HIF-1 in human infections.

Prof. Kempf is the director of a large infectious disease laboratory. All technologies (cultivation of pathogens, identification, mass spectrometry, antibiotic susceptibility testing, microscopy, electron microscopy, serology, molecular pathogen detection of bacteria and viruses, microbiome analysis) etc. is performed routinely. The diagnostic laboratory represents the German conciliary laboratory for Bartonella infections (appointed by the Robert Koch-Institute, Berlin).


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